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Approximate Healing Schedule


Last revised:
Tuesday, 08 September 2009
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Day Effect

1 Swelling, tender, heavy, thick, lipstick look-reddish brick color effect.
2 Slight swelling, reddish, tender, slight metallic flavor.
3 Less swelling, thicker texture, sore, hot feelings before exfoliation. “Orange” color.
4 Exfoliation - very chapped lips. DO NOT pick at it.
5 Very chapped but almost finished with 1st chapping stage.
6 See soft, rich color.
7 Lip color disappears - “frosty” stage begins ( 2nd chapping stage), a whitish, grayish haze on lips.
14 Color “blooms” from within more and more each day until day 21. (Three weeks afer procedure)
21 The full effect is completed - the color you see is the color you have. However, lips remain a bit dry for a month or two. Use a good lip balm and they will return to normal but with color!


Day Effect

1 Swollen, like you’ve been crying, heavier eye makeup look.
2 Swollen, usually for a few hours after waking up, still heavy eye makeup look.
3 Less swollen-tight-pigment begins to lift away from skin.
4 Pinching some itching is normal skin will begin to flake. DO NOT pick at it.
5 Blinking movement of the eye usually removes all pigment by this day. Color is somewhat grayish will take a few more days to clarify to full color.


Day Effect

1 The eyebrows approximately 20 to 25% darker and bolder in width than they will be when healed. Your color skin is red under the pigment, which causes the color of tlie pigment to appear darker. There is some swelling, although difficult to actually see due to the thickness of the skin in the eyebrow area. This will subside. Exfoliation, which begins in a few days , will cause the excess pigment surrounding the eyebrow to flake away and more narrow appearance will result. New skin will heal over the pigmented area and result in a softer appearance of your eyebrows. Don’t be concerned that your eyebrows initially appear darker and heavier in size than you desire. This is part of the process.
2 Conditions remain the same.
3 Eyebrows start to itch and will appear a bit thicker in texture. Exfoliation begins.
4 The skin begins to flake peeling from outside edges first.
5 Color finishes effect flaking off and appears softer and grayer effect for a few days until color clarifies.